Sunny, Ollie and Fozzy

Recently I got to spend a lot of time with Sunny, Ollie and Fozzy while their family was on vacation in Europe. I'm sure their family took a bunch of great pictures while they were there and I of course took pictures while I was at their house. sleeping hound dog

Sunny, Ollie and Fozzy

hound dog

Sunny, Ollie and Fozzy


I joke about Ollie but he really is either running and jumping around or he is sleeping. He reminds me so much of my dog Moose who is also part hound dog. They get super excited but love (and I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE) to sleep more than any other dogs I know. Its the way they sleep that honestly makes me jealous. Can I be jealous of the way a dog sleeps? My goal over the next week is to capture some pictures of Moose sleeping... look for that post soon.

Sunny is just a lover. While I was pet sitting with him, it was probably 95-100 degrees every day. One afternoon he crawled up on the couch with me and got in my lap. Crazy dog.... he had to be hot. I was. He's probably 85lbs and he is very furry. We stayed like that for awhile though... it was so sweet I couldn't move. I don't mind at all making these types of sacrifices for my job. It is rough. ha!!

Fozzy is the senior of the crew and I think she is around 12ish. She is funny though too. Once in awhile she'll get a burst of energy and she'll want to chase around with the big boys outside. They're both scared of her and I can tell sometimes they're not sure if she wants to play or not. Whenever we were in the house, she was content to just curl up at my feet.

Sunny, Ollie and Fozzy are such great dogs and I am so fortunate that their parents entrust their care to me. All three of them just want to be loved on and pet. And Ollie loves to run through his yard treeing squirrels too.