Saying Goodbye

saying goodbye to Dusty Saying goodbye is so hard and yesterday I had to say goodbye to my client's much loved dog Dusty. I met Dusty on November 9, 2009 and I walked him pretty much every Monday through Friday since then. I was amazed when I looked back and saw that it had been 6 years. 6! No wonder this loss has hit me so hard. He was the best little guy ever and always such a happy dog. Dusty had a health scare 3 months ago and we knew his time with us was probably limited so we tried to enjoy every day we had with him.

I am so thankful that it stopped raining on Monday 11/9 and that Dusty and I had a nice walk. He couldn't see or hear well anymore but his legs and his nose both worked great. If there was a piece of chewing gum or other food on the ground, you can be assured that he would try and find it. Luckily for me he was pretty obvious about it so rarely did actually get to whatever it was he was trying to find.

When I think of Dusty, these things make me smile: 1. His name. Dusty Lovin. To most he was known as "Dusty Lovin", not "Dusty." 2. The brown spots on his white nose. I loved them. 3. The way his short tail would wag when I walked him. 4. His solid looking back legs and the way they slightly bowed when he walked. He always walked in front of me and I could see his little lets just going. They always looked so solid and coming from a mom of labs who tend to develop arthritis in their back legs, I always loved Dusty's. 5. His mom. She works a lot but she still left me a note almost every morning. Sometimes a thanks, sometimes have a nice weekend. 6. On that last day, when I rubbed his back, his little tail wagged. Thank you Dusty for that.

I love you and miss you Dusty.

'Don't be sad that it is over. Be happy that it happened.' Dr Suess