Master the Triangle - Week 6 - Project 52

The photography challenge for week 6 is to Master the Triangle. Let me start by admitting, somehow I misinterpreted the instructions. The instructions were to: pick a scene with a strong foreground and focus on that. Begin with the highest shutter speed and widest aperture at ISO 400 and then slow down each a stop for your next image. Keep stopping down your aperture and shutter speed until you get to the tightest aperture. Repeat these steps by adjusting your ISO. Keep doing this exercise until you're comfortable with the give and take each adjustment provides." I understood the part about 'pick a scene with a strong foreground and to adjust the settings' but I also thought somewhere it said that 'the subject needed to be stationary.' I have no idea where I got that from. I was thinking my subject needed to be perfectly still and I couldn't figure out how was I going to get a dog to be perfectly still. Well as I did last week, I went with Plan B this week too. And I love Plan B. Her name is Delilah.

She is a 2 year old cock-a-poo that I have the pleasure of seeing every week because I am her dog walker. She has the most scrumptious fur and the color of it is a wonderful mocha. I could drink her up! She is a curious one and she loves her backyard. I love her backyard too. It is one of my favorite places to photograph. I thought I might have a chance of getting Delilah to be stationary in her yard (since I thought that was a requirement) and that I would have a chance to snap some photos and make the adjustments to the various settings without her moving a lot.

Here is my final image and when I sent it to Delilah's mom, she replied back I LOVE IT!!! I know my images and my editing need a lot of improvement because I'm not a seasoned professional photographer but when someone tells me they love an image that I took, I could almost weep with happiness.

master the triangle


Below are two images and the only thing I corrected on them was the white balance and the exposure. I wanted to post two photos that have different ISOs. They both have an aperture of f/11. The first one has an ISO of 400 and the 2nd image is ISO 2000. With this adjustment of my ISO, the shutter speed went from 1/50 on the first image to 1/250 on the 2nd. When I zoomed in on the 2nd image, I could seem more noise due to the higher ISO and it looks hazier to me. This was a good exercise and one I should continue to practice so I can master the triangle.

master the triangle

master the triangle

As promised, this post is much shorter than last week. YAY for me (and maybe even more for you, the reader!)

Remember this is a blog circle and up next is Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area. Keep clicking the link at the end of each post to read each photographer's take on the assignment this week and to see the cute pictures they post.

PS I've read ahead to next week's challenge and I'm really excited to start working on it. I've also seen week 8.... oy! Week 8 is going to be hard for me! Stayed tuned.....