Paws in the Park 2016

The photos from yesterday's event, Paws in the Park are online.  You can view them at   I would love (LOVE) your feedback on the images.  Shooting pictures outside at an all day event like this can be a challenge.  Yesterday was no exception.  Around 10am, we were in total cloud cover, then the sun came out, so the rest of the day the sun was going in and out of the clouds.  Conditions like that are tricky to photograph in because the camera settings have to be changed each time your light source changes (which was all the time yesterday!) Another challenge photographing at events like this is trying to keep the leash out of the way as much as possible.  You can see in the gallery, for any super duper well trained dogs that could be off leash, I generally took a lot of pictures of them.

Paws in the Park

Towards the end of the day, a guy (the 4-legged kind) walked up.  His name was Buddy and I immediately fell in love.  Things had slowed down as it was close to quitting time so I was able to spend some time with him.  You see, See Spot Run Photography was founded because of my black lab Buddy.  We adopted Buddy from Lab Rescue of NC on 12/31/08 and we were told that he was between 7-10 years old.  Not long after we got him, I told my husband, 'however long we get to have Buddy, it will not be long enough.'  We were lucky to have him for 6 years but it wasn't long enough.  As Buddy's health was failing in the summer of 2014, I decided to buy my first professional camera so I could capture a nice image of him.  One that I could look at and be thankful to have.  If you stopped by my booth and saw the black & white photo of the black lab, that is Buddy (pictured above.)  My heart dog.  He died about 5 weeks after I got the camera and I am so glad I have this image of him.

So, when this big guy named Buddy came walking over to me, I knew I had to capture some images of him too.

Paws in the Park

  I had such fun at Paws in the Park.  If you would like professional images taken of your pet, please contact me.  My Buddy helped me find my passion back on that August day in 2014, when I walked into that camera shop.  Thank you Buddy.  I am forever grateful because there is nothing that I love doing more than photographing a dog.