Barkelona Day 2, 1st Photo Shoot

Our Barkelona workshop included a combination of classroom and on location photo sessions. In the morning both Nicole and Sam led classroom talks. Day 2 of Barkelona had 2 photo sessions. We did one inside the villa we were staying in and then in the evening we photographed several dogs outside and around the villa.  I don't have the right words to describe how beautiful is was. There I met Forca, a chocolate lab. She is a trained therapy dog and she made me miss my man Moose. However unlike Moose, she posed perfectly for her portraits... but I'm getting ahead of myself. More on her in a bit! For the indoor photo session, my group started with Taila, a golden retriever / cocker spaniel mix. She was a little unsure of all of the attention she was getting but she posed beautifully. Even when we put her in the chair and in front of a chess set! She must've thought we were crazy. And we are: crazy dog photographer people. All of us!!

This 2nd photo is the amazing Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography and a little behind the scenes of her setting up the shot of Taila.  Ingrid is Taila's dog trainer giving her some instructions too.

Barkelona golden retriever cocker spaniel mix

Our next model was a dog that caught my attention when she arrived.  Her name is Pepa and she's an English Bulldog.  In all my years of dog walking, I've never met a bulldog until April 16, 2016 and I had to go all the way to Spain to do it!  Pepa was a great model and even tolerated more of our crazy dog photographer antics... see below!


Pepa the English Bulldog

We then moved outside and photographed a jack russell terrier.  I hate to say this but there were two JRTs and I'm not sure if this is Elsa or Teo.

jack russell terrier

We took a short break after photographing all these cuties and then we had more classroom work.  After an early dinner, 4 dogs came to our villa to be photographed during our student led shoot.  That's where I met Forca.  Stayed tuned for the next blog post....