Rain, wind and lightning

I hope everyone survived the storm on Friday night and that my fellow pet sitters didn't get too wet from all the rain. That was one crazy storm. I had 3 dogs to see on while I was at Bandit's house, the clouds got really dark and purple and it looked liked it could get bad. Luckily my timing was great and I made it to Scooby's house (the 3rd dog) just as a few big drops of rain hit my car. And lucky for me, there is a carport at Scooby's house that I could pull in. I don't normally park in it but on Friday night I did! I leashed Scooby up quickly and we went out into the front yard. When he was done doing his business, we sprinted back into the house because the rain was coming down in buckets. The wind was blowing around like crazy and it was lightning too.  We waited the storm out inside and then went for our walk after it passed. I didn't realize it was as bad as it was but when I was doing my morning rounds on Saturday, I found this tree and several others that were going to require chain saws.  The other two trees I saw had even more damage but I didn't stop the car and take photos.... I thought about it though! That was a lot of rain and wind! Below is Bandit, giving me his best smile!

golden doodle

damaged tree after storm