New Midday Dog Walker

See Spot Run has not one new walker but two new dog walkers. I'm so excited to announce I've added two ladies, Tiffany and Christina to the team. I've known them for years... they live in my neighborhood. I can personally vouch for them. walker of dogs

Last September I took some time off and Tiffany covered for me while I was away. She loved it so much so we got to talking and she decided she'd like to walk dogs regularly. That conversation spilled over into a conversation with Christina and now both of them are my new midday dog walkers.

They are taking on new clients Monday - Friday who work during the day and would like their pup to get a walk, play time, or cuddles. We are covering the greater Southpark areas including parts of 28209, 28210 and 28226. If you know of anyone who would like to add this service for their dog, please let me know.  You'd make the dog's day and you'd make Tiffany and Christina's too.

This is Rivers, a weimeraner puppy that needed a walker and someone to throw the ball for him while his dad was at work. I've said this before, this is the best job ever. Watching dogs like Rivers play and have a good time is a great way to spend my day.

We also love to take them for walks. Not only does the dog enjoy going for a walk, so does the walker. Getting to stretch my legs while watching a dog enjoy his time outside makes me happy.

If you know of anyone else who would like to be a walker, let me know. We may be adding more walkers on in the future.