Fun Accessories for Dog People

Fun Accessories for Dog People What fun accessories do you have that you love? There are so many options! It’s never the wrong time to be thinking about fun accessories for the dogs and dog people in your life. Or for yourself!  Below is a list of some accessories that might make your life a little easier:

 For the Hikers

fun accessories for hiking with your dogDo you take your dog hiking? This adorable doggy water bottle is available on Though advertised for car rides, they are also great for taking on hikes.  Yes, it is a little more to carry but all will appreciate the extra water, particularly in the North Carolina heat of the late spring and summer.  The best part?  It comes in three colors and retails for only $12.49.

fun accessories for dog walkers

Collapsible dog bowls are also a great option.  Made of an easy to wash rubber and available in several bright colors, they’re also fun accessories.  Great for road trips, they take up almost no space. They are perfect to stick into the pocket on the back of the car seat. Most come with a clip (carabiner.) It is super easy to clip onto a backpack or your own water bottle, and it is extremely light weight.  Most know the difficulty of trying to let a dog drink from cupped hands, and this inexpensive product spares you and the poor canine from the whole ordeal.

And last but not least, be sure to bring your pick up bags. These bags are earth friendly and available at REI. As a dog walker, I beg everyone to please pick up after your pet. These may not be fun accessories but they certainly are important!

What are your favorite items you take on hikes with your dog? Share them with me. Perhaps we will write another blog on this topic.