Dog Yoga

dog yoga.JPG

Dog yoga is apparently a thing. I've heard of yoga with goats before but not with your dog but it's here, in Charlotte.

I know that yoga can improve my posture (and it certainly needs improving) but apparently it can improve your dogs too. I am sure lots of dogs enjoy it too. I would imagine it might make the class a little more interesting and certainly more entertaining than a regular class.

I love yoga. I might even love it more with Moose.

I think Moose would enjoy dog yoga. He might prefer all of the poses on his back though especially if they included a belly rub.

Check out local craft brewery scene to find their yoga class schedules. A lot of them offer it and I'll bet they even offer dog yoga occasionally!

In doing some research for this post, I stumbled across Work for your Beer. Check them out. I'm sure they occasionally have events that include your dog too.

I don't have any dog yoga photos. I'd like to have some but until I do, the one of Moose above will have to do. Can't you tell by the way he is lounging that'd he'd enjoy it? I think he would.