This Dog Walker's Dog Bed Recommendation

Many of you know that I have labs. Labs are prone to hip problems and arthritis as they age. As a dog walker and pet sitter, I am in a lot of people’s homes and I see a lot of different types of dog beds.

I’d been looking for a dog bed that would help support my dogs when they sleep and I found one!

Have you heard of Big Barker? They make an amazing dog bed. I highly recommend them.

They are pricey but they offer a year long money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk. Try it and return it if your dog doesn’t like it.

That’s not the case in my house. Both my dogs love their Big Barker.

They have a Barker Junior too for smaller dogs and their giant sized bed will easily fit a great dane.. or two! They come in 4 color options too and a protective liner you can purchase to help protect the bed.

At my house, we cover our bed in a twin fitted sheet. Every week we wash the sheet and that really helps to protect the bed and it’s super easy to take off and on. I’m all about keeping things simple!

Check them out. I think you and your dog will love them!