Dog sitting with Kaleb

Kaleb is sprinting towards me b/c he knows it is breakfast time.  He was going so fast, the picture is blurry!! Kaleb was funny this morning.  He was actually laying on the other side of the bed, not underneath it.  I heard his tail thumping on the floor when I walked in.  I sat down beside and just rubbed on his neck and his chest in between in front legs.  He loved it and if I stopped, I'd get "the paw."

We went outside and he peed and pooped.  He must have realized that he'd not eaten his breakfast yet and he got all excited.  He came running towards me (I was on the steps) and that's when I snapped this picture.  He was going pretty fast for a 15 yr old.

After he ate we came back outside.  I was sitting on the steps and he sat down with his butt on the top step and his front paws on the next step down.  He was leaning up against me, tennis ball in his mouth and I had my arm around him just rubbing on him again.  I think he liked it!