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Brady and Ferguson

Brady and Ferguson

These two cuties are Brady and Ferguson. They turned 9 in June which makes me shake my head in disbelief because I've known them since they were 3 months old. Their dad contacted me back in September 2009 and they've been a client ever since. I see them every day while their dad is at work.

Moose and the dog sitter

I am a dog sitter and when we go on vacation to Hilton Head like we did last week and take Moose and Willow with us, we have to hire a dog sitter. No joke! This dog sitter hires a dog sitter WHEN the dogs are on vacation WITH US! And that's because of our crazy Moose. chocolate lab

We were hoping that his separation anxiety would be better this trip but no, he didn't like being left in the house alone. He isn't destructive but it stresses him out. I'd love to have a doggie cam set up to see what he does but actually when I think about it, that might break my heart to seem him stressed.

no dog sitter needed

It's a happy Moose!

Getting ready to pounce on the ball.

no dog sitter needed when Moose is on the beach

So, Moose didn't get left alone very much in the house. Luckily (or not so luckily for me), I'd planned to do quite a bit of work while we were on vacation. I have a ton of back office type of work that I need to catch up on so I'd planned to knock some of it out on vacation... and I did. Moose was happy to have me around.

We did plan to go out to dinner a couple of nights while we were there so the dog sitter came and stayed with him. He's a funny dog. As soon as she got there and we'd go to leave, he followed her back into the house, perfectly content that we were leaving as long as someone was there with him.

Yay for the dog sitter and for her helping us and The Moose while we were on vacation! Do your dogs require special attention or treatment when you're on vacation?


the pet sitter on Saturday 7/19

Chloe being silly this morning I love her ears!

Jay and Chloe - Wesley saw them last night and I went this morning.  It was lightly raining this morning so your plants got some rain!  Jay didn't care about the rain.  She still wanted to play ball.  She peed and pooped too and I toweled her off before she came in the house. Chloe flip flopped around on the floor like she does and that's when I snapped the pic!  My schedule gets really busy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I may not have to sit at my desk and update the blog.  I should be able to update on my phone but won't be able to post pics.  Always feel free to text me to check in too!

dog walking on Wed 3/14

Yesterday afternoon was so nice, we spent some time outside in the yard too! Gus- Gus is doing just great.  He loves his walks (and he's a very regular pooper LOL!).  He's eating well too and I've been giving him his pill every midday visit.  Yesterday afternoon was beautiful.  After our walk he laid down in the sunshine on the deck.

Ginger - I'm hoping to see Steve at some point but we haven't yet this week.  We've been doing a lot of walking and she been peeing on everything :)  and pooping pretty regularly too.  I've started giving her wet food in with her dry food for the evening visit.  I stayed late Monday night and we watched some tv together.  She's been getting her daily belly rubs too!

the dog walker on Monday March 3rd

Hero- He lingered outside a little longer than usual today.  Perhaps he knows the weather isn't supposed to be very nice tomorrow and he thought he'd better spend the time outside today.  :) Brady & Ferguson - the boys weren't all that interested in walking the circle today.  They both wanted to sit down and scratch a lot.  After they both peed and pooped we went into the house so Brady could eat his breakfast.  He ate a little bit but not a lot.  They were both pretty laid back today... no chasing each other or playing today which was pretty unusual.

Sunny & Louis - they liked playing with Lola and Sunny wanted to go back in the house with her.  I carried him pretty much for the first half of the walk.  He did get down and poop, Louis didn't.

Max - Max had thrown up yellow bile today.  I cleaned it up but there was some on the bottom side of his dog bed.  He was awake when I came in and he got right up and went out to pee.

Cleo -  Cleo was on the couch downstairs.  I guess that should've been my first clue that maybe something was up.  Cleo's tummy was gurgling so loud I could hear it.  Outside she just wanted to eat grass which I didn't want her to do b/c I never know what type of pesticides are on the grass.  She didn't walk very far either.  She did pee and poop outside and her poop was normal.

Frankie - Frankie walked about halfway around the circle and then she was done.  She did pee and poop.