Overnight Pet Sitter

Do you travel occasionally for work? Do you like to go on vacation but you’re not sure how to best care for your dog while you’re away?

See Spot Run offers overnight pet sitting. We will come and stay in your home with your dog. This ensures that your dog stays where he is most comfortable and his routine stays the same.

During the time that we’re with him, we will do whatever you prefer: take him for a walk, play in your fenced yard, and have lots of snuggle time on the couch (if he’s allowed on the couch!) We will also feed him per your instructions and give him any medication needed.

Do you think your pup would prefer to stay in his own home while you’re away? This service works particularly well for really young or older dogs or for dogs who don’t do well be boarded.

This service is only offered in certain parts of 28209, 28210 and 28226 and we don’t offer this service in our own homes.

Be sure to inquire about the special pet sitting photo package offered to all pet sitting clients.