Dog Walker Rules

If you’re a client of mine, you know this: I am UBER careful with the dogs I walk. If you’ve entrusted me to care for your dog, my first priority is keeping your dog safe.

I’ve had my dog walking business for over 10 years and here are a few things I’ve learned during this time.

  1. Not all dogs want or need the same amount of exercise. If you dog likes to power walk, that’s what we’ll do. If you dog prefers to linger and sniff, that’s okay with me too. I have dog clients that fall into both categories (which is great for me. Up to 15 power walks in one day may be a little much for me! ha)

  2. I will avoid all dogs I don’t know when I’m out walking your dog. Until I know your dog, I won’t know how he will react when he meets another dog and I certainly don’t know how the other dog is going to react. Leashed dogs sometimes take on different personalities. My own dog Molly can be reactive towards other dogs when she is leashed up. I always cross the street and avoid dogs I don’t know.

  3. Not all owners really understand their dogs… sorry but it’s true. Perhaps this has happened to you: someone is out walking their dog and says it’s okay to approach but their dog is telling you otherwise.

  4. ALWAYS pick up the poo. No exceptions. It drives me nuts when I see someone out walking a dog and he/she doesn’t pick up after the dog. I’m “that” person who will say, “I’ve got an extra poop bag… do you need one??” Ugh #makesmesomad

  5. During the hot summer months, if we have to walk across hot pavement, we do so very quickly. I don’t want your dogs’ paws to get too hot and burn on the pavement.

These are a just a few of the rules I follow every time I’m walking a dog. I want to make certain your dog has a fun time while he’s out with me and that he is always safe.

If you are looking for a responsible, caring dog walker or pet sitter, contact me today!