Sam, Riley and the dog sitter

Sam wasnt dropping that bone for anything! Riley is loving his half-chewed bone!

I stopped to give Max a rub when I walked in and then I heard someone hitting the door handle so that was the end of the rubbing.... I figured  Sam needed to go outside.  I let them out, fed the dogs and then I went to check on Max.  I refilled the water bowl because it was empty.  The dogs started "knocking" on the back door so I let them in to eat.  After they ate we went back outside again.  We were out for maybe 10 minutes and then Sam went to stand by the back door.  I thought, "perhaps he is thirsty since he was out of water??"  He goes tearing into the house and into his room so I'm thinking, yes, he is thirsty.  I walk into the room and I hear "rrrrr."  Sam was on his bed with his bone in his mouth.  He wasn't thirsty, he just wanted his bone.  Riley grabbed his bone and then he came out into the den and played with it and chewed on it.  Sam stayed put.  I tried to get them to go outside again but they weren't having any part of it.  They were content to chomp on their bones.

I forgot to leave you a note on the counter this morning..... I guess I'd not had enough coffee yet :)