See Spot Run Dog Running with Spot

Spot and I had a great run this morning even though it was really humid!  I haven't quite gotten my route around the neighborhood down and I ended up halfway through the run running back up the same hill we ran up right when we started.... ugh.  We both survived it! We both heard a little bit of thunder that at first I wasn't sure if it was thunder or someone moving their trash bin.  It was thunder... I saw Spot's ears go back the 2nd time I heard it.  That was some storm we had last night.  Geez, I've not seen that much lightening in a really long time.

We saw the same elderly lady with her poodle that we saw Monday morning.  She is really pleasant and I love that she gets out there and walks with her dog!  Good for her and good for the dog!

Note to self:  when drinking water from a glass after a dog run, do not do so right over the computer keyboard... just in case some spills.