Cleo and the dog walker

What a sweet face! Cleo heard me come in so she met me downstairs.   I grabbed her leash and we went for a walk.   Good thing you let me know that she might not want to really go for a walk b/c I don't think she really did.  She peed twice before we got out of your yard and then we walked across the street.  She did quite a bit of sniffing and then she decided to lay down in the sunshine.  I let her for a few minutes (I even rubbed her belly) and then I got her up so we could finally walk.  Well, then she decided to poop.  After that we finally walked but she didn't seem like she really wanted to.  She'd walk, then stop, sniff and then act like she wanted to lay down again.  I'm assuming this is normal behavior for her???  So, we went a little ways and then I turned her around.  Once we got back to your house, she plopped down again in your yard and just laid in the sunshine.

I gave her a carrot but she didn't eat it so I dropped it in her food bowl.  I gave her some fresh water too b/c it was pretty hot when we were outside.

I let her know that we'd walk more on our next visit!  The poop trashcans at the park are the bomb!!  It's nice to not have to carry it the whole walk!!