Dog sitting with Paco and Peaches

Paco has what we affectionately refer to as mush mouth.  My dogs have mush mouth all the time! Cutie - pa - tuti

Peaches & Paco - there really are 2 of them!!

***These pups are in foster care and are currently available for adoption if you know of anyone who would be interested, please have them contact me.****

Paco and Peaches are so sweet and so easy to take care of.  Peaches didn't want to get out of her crate although Paco was ready to.  I had to get Peaches out - I think she was a little timid at first but she warmed up to me pretty fast.  She even gave me some kisses.  We stayed outside for quite awhile and then I took them inside and fed everyone.  They were both hungry.  After they finished, Paco whimpered a few times to let me know it was time to let him out of his crate.  Then he went into Peaches crate to see if he could find any crumbs.

They both crawled up on your bed and laid down in the dog bed.  They are too too cute!!