Dog Running with Buddy and Dog Walking with Sam Sam

Buddy didn't get to go for his dog run yesterday and Don seemed to think he was depressed last night so guess what, Buddy got his dog run in this morning!  I must say though, I think the last 2 mornings have been suffocatingly humid.  (I just did spell check on suffocatingly.... I wasn't sure it was even a word but it didn't come up incorrect.  Hum!)  But I digress (another word I will need to spell check.... which I had spelled incorrectly.) It is just plain hot and humid already at 6:30am.

Our run was short.  Not because of the heat though but because something is wrong with my right hip/thigh.  My next project is to go to (or whatever) to try to figure out what is going on.  I'm sitting here with an ice pack on my leg now :(  I am going to a massage therapist every other week to have it worked on (massaged and stretched) which is just heaven!  I am hoping that Massage Envy can be a tax write off for me.... maybe??

After that I'm going to research how to get a 10 month old puppy into a crate that she doesn't really want to go into and pees when she does.  I've figured out how to get her out of the crate without peeing... now to work on getting her back in.  Then hopefully lunch with a friend.  I'd like a change from the turkey sandwich I've been eating all week :)