Dog walking with Brutus and Kenzie

Brutus is a very sweet boy! Kenzie likes the couch!

rough housing boston terrier style

As soon as I came in the door downstairs, I heard barking.  When I opened the door to your place, Kenzie was barking.  She ran right up to me though and jumped right on me.  She wasn't stand-offish at all.  Brutus greeted me too with a toy in his mouth.

We went for a walk but after about 15 minutes, Brutus was ready to turn around.  I let him and just kind of followed him and he headed back for your house.  He had peed a bunch, Kenzie had peed and pooped and they'd sniffed and snorted too.

When we got back in, they were funny.  Kenzie was ready to play... she is a ham.  She got Brutus interested in playing too... I should've taken video of it b/c it was pretty funny.  I took a ton of pictures as you can see.  I laughed a lot so please thank them for providing so much entertainment for me!