Hadley, Ollie, Daisy and dog walking.... not so much

Well, I made a valiant effort.  Getting the leashes on, not a big problem.  I put Hadley's on first and just let him jump around like he had springs in his feet.  Then I put Ollie and Daisy's on.  I couldn't find Ollie's choke collar so I figured I might be in trouble with him.  As soon as I put the leash on him, he put the leash in his mouth and started pulling..... hard.  He is really strong for his size.  There were neighbors walking by at about this time.  I'm sure it was quite the sight and I'd not even opened the gate yet.  :) So I managed to get outside the gate and Hadley is going crazy, Ollie is pulling like mad and Daisy is wrapped up in her leash.  Goal #1:  keep Daisy from getting hurt amidst the chaos and get her unwrapped.  So then we take a few more steps down the driveway.  More jumping from Hadley so I wrap his leash further around my hand so he doesn't have as much leash to jump with.  (This turns out to not be a great move in a few minutes.)  We walk a few more steps and finally make it to the street.  We are actually walking... whoo hoo.  Then Daisy has to poop- right in the street bless her heart.  So then it is me getting Hadley and Ollie to stay still while she is "busy."

About this time a large truck pulling a trailer with lawn equipment goes by... Daisy is still pooping.... in the street.  We're ready to walk some more and we get to the path.  (Mind you, Hadley still has springs in his feet and Ollie is pulling.)  I look and Daisy is tied up in her leash again and Ollie is wrapped around her too.  Oh no, see Goal #1:  keep Daisy from getting hurt.

Well about this time a man and his son come walking up.  The son is VERY excited about the dogs and makes several statements as such and the dogs are going wild.  (I am still trying to get Daisy untangled.)  The man and his son are walking right for us and I'm thinking... seriously, can't you see I am not in control here and you are going to make it worse.  I ask him (politely I hope) to please not come over.  They keep walking.

At this point, I'm done.  I grab all the dogs and we somehow get back inside the fence.  So no, dog walking all 3 dogs didn't work out so well.  I did leave them outside for the afternoon.

When we get back, I notice that my right palm is throbbing and has a nice case of rug burn.  I do think I'll survive :)