Dog Walking with Maggie

Maggie and I took a nice walk through the neighborhood.  We managed to stay in the shade for a good bit and she peed while we were out.  Once we came back in, I grabbed an ice cube out of your freezer.  I hope that was okay but I smashed my finger on my last pet sitting visit and I thought some ice would help.  I actually grabbed 2 pieces and one fell on the floor.  I found out that Maggie likes ice cubes.  I let her have it, I hope that was okay too. She laid down on the floor and rolled over and I gave her a nice long belly rub.  I also left a "paw towel" hanging up in the garage by the door to use when I bring her back inside.

Afternoon visit:  we strolled around the backyard in the shade for about 5 minutes (basically until she peed.)  My car said it was 101 so we weren't out for very long.  I had a book with me so we went back inside and I rubbed her belly and read.  Thank you too for the ice earlier.  My finger feels much better!