Dog Walking with Sib & Huski

Huski Sib

Sib and Huski both met me at the door when I opened it this morning.  I was there around 8:30am.  Huski even did a little dance.  I think she was feeling good and happy to see me.  We went for a walk and Huski trotted for a few steps although she did fall backwards when she was pooping.  She was fine... I think her legs just couldn't support her body weight.  We walked a little further after that then I turned them around.  It was a very leisurely walk and they both stopped to do lots of sniffing.

When we got back, Huski laid down in front of her bowl and started to eat.  I have been giving her her medicine everyday.  There was an empty bowl that I saw so I filled it with water too.  It's so hot (already 87 right now at 10:25am) so I wanted to make certain they had plenty of water.