Maggie and the dog walker

She always has a cute expression on her face!! Whewww, it is a hot one already.  Maggie was definitely ready to get out of her crate.  She did pee in her crate and on the floor.  Our walk was fairly short today probably only about 15 minutes but at least she got out to stretch her legs.  We came back inside, she got some water and then she stretched out on the floor and chewed on one of her bones while I chatted with the maid.

2nd visit:  I'd left your maid my phone number b/c she was concerned she wouldn't be able to get Maggie back into her crate.  She called me around 1:30 and was having trouble so I did my 2nd visit earlier than usual this afternoon.  I took Maggie outside in the backyard and she did pee right away so I think she was ready to go.  Perhaps since she'd been out of her crate for awhile, she'd been drinking water.