Max, Riley, Sam and the pet sitter

Riley is trying to entice Sam into playing.  It worked and it was funny! They were funny tonight!  As you can see from this picture, they were in a very playful mood.  They were my only pet sitting visit tonight so I got there early and hung out for awhile.  We'd stay outside until I got too hot and then we'd come in.  Then we'd go back outside and come back in.  I think they enjoyed the visit.  I know I did.  I have a video I'm downloading to youtube of them playing and will get that posted either tonight or tomorrow.  Max was doing just fine too although his right eye seems to be pretty runny... allergies?

Sam reminds me of a kid.  He wants stuff he isn't supposed to have.  He stuck his head (several times) in the toy box in your room.  A couple of times something started talking.... I think it was the bus??  I'm not sure maybe it was a book.  Anyway, he ended up with something in his mouth that came out of the toy box.  I can't remember what it was now but I think it was green.  It is now on top of your dresser as is the bus.  (He kept snooping around the toy box and I figured it was best if I just got rid of the temptation.)  Then his sniffer caught the scent of the fish and the duck on the kitchen counter.  He cried and actually jumped up on his 2 back legs to try to get them.  They (and the mango) are now pushed back against the back of the counter.  He's like a kid.  And like a kid, I wanted to laugh at him and the stuff he did so I did :)