Dog walking and running with Rylie

Rylie and I didn't go to the park - it rained overnight, has been sprinkling and threatening rain so we thought we'd stay a little closer to home.  (I hope that was okay.)  I think she had fun anyway!  We walked for the first 10 minutes or so and she peed and pooped.  Then we went for about a 20 minute run.  We walked back to the house and she got a drink of water which we both actually needed. Then I took her on a nice leisurely, long walk and she got to do a lot of sniffing.  She peed and she pooped again too.  I wanted to make certain she was cooled down before I fed her.  When I walked in, I could tell that she had eaten some of her dry food... there was a definite indention in the food.  She really loves the canned food though... her head was down in the bowl when I left :)