Dog running with Buddy in Hilton Head and Lesson Learned #11

Sam Sam is very happy to be out walking with his dad! Sam and Buddy on the pier in Hilton Head.  Buddy seemed a little nervous by the waves.  I dont think he is water dog.

Well, Buddy got to go on his first vacation with us.  He's not super fond of the car but he did pretty good.  On the way down, he didn't sleep at all and neither did Sam.  I'm sure he was wondering where he was going.  We went for a long walk when we got there and I think Buddy decided he liked vacation.  Sam defnitely liked vacation.  Some guys on bikes went by us and commented how happy the dogs looked.

Lesson 11:  Well, I should always carry my phone when running.  We were fine but I've not run on Hilton Head before and I've not run long distances since tweaking my leg.  I decided it would be neat to see what Buddy does when he sees a horse.  We'd run about a mile or so when I came to a map and saw where the stables were.  We headed in that direction and that is when I figured out that this might not have been a great idea.  Greenwood Drive is very long!

We made it to the stables and Buddy looked at the horses but didn't pay them to much attention so we just kept going.  About 10 minutes later is when I wished I'd had my phone..... "Hello Don, get in the car and come and pick us up!!"  That crossed my mind but actually we were fine however if I'd had my phone I would've called him to let him know we were fine.  I figured he'd be wondering about us.  Sure enough, we turned down our street and here he is coming in the car to look for us.  This was our 2nd day in HH, needless to say Buddy slept really well on vacation!!

Don and I decided to rent bikes after breakfast and we rode on the beach to the Salty Dog.  My right leg was not so happy but it seems to be fine now.  I'll know tomorrow after my run with Buddy!