pet sitting with Hanna

Hey Ruff Ruff.  The pet sitter wanted me to have you ask your dad a question.  Where is the light switch for the lights in the backyard??  I ran outside and peed, she thinks I may have pooped too but she isn't sure b/c it was dark!  She's going to look for them tomorrow but she couldn't find them tonight. I'm doing good.  She let me sniff her tonight and she smelled good.  I smelled all kinds of dogs on her!  She told me she'd been around her 2 labs, a german shepard mix, a doberman, a golden retriever, and a big black dog that she isn't sure what he is.  I didn't care.... she just smelled good.  That's funny, huh??  That's their picture below.  She told me she'd take my picture tomorrow :)