Dog walking on Mon 11/16

Dusty - Dusty looks nice with his new haircut.  I can tell he is happy to be home too!  We walked around and he took care of his business and then he was ready to head inside! Brady & Ferguson - the boys wanted to roll around in the grass today.  They walked a little ways too but they kept heading towards the grass and of course they'd jump on each other too!

Cleo - Cleo walked a little bit today but she wanted to roll around in the grass too (just like Brady & Ferguson!)  She did it in 2 different neighbors yards!  We sat outside for quite awhile in your yard too... she loves the sunshine!

Max - Max was awake when I came in today.  We went outside and he peed.  I think he really likes this warmer weather!

Betty & Suzy - there was a lot more activity in the neighborhood today.  Betty barked at a couple of the neightbors and at a couple of dogs that she saw.  Suzy wanted to chase after a cat that was chasing after a squirrel.  Luckily I saw all of this developing so I was prepared!