Dog walking on Wed 11/18

No rain, then rain, then just some sprinkles: Buddy & Sam... no rain :)

Maggie.... no rain :)

Tiger & Bear... raining, not hard but it had been.  They went outside but where happy to come back in!

Maggie.... rain... hard rain at times.  I wished I looked as cute in my raincoat as she does in hers :)

Max... sprinkles.  Max looked at me as if he really didn't want to go outside but he peed as soon as he did.

Betty & Suzy... sprinkles.  They don't care about rain, wind.  I'm sure they'd like the snow too although with their short coats, they might get cold.

Cleo... sprinkles.  Miss Cleo was ready to walk today.  Cooler weather, no rain, she was ready to go.  We went all the way down to the park and back!!

Dusty.... no rain.  He went outside and took care of his business and then he was ready for his dinner!