Pet sitting with Rosie

Ah, Rosie is so sweet and I loved seeing her again.  She went outside and scoped out the area for awhile.  She seemed to enjoy being out there.  (It'd stopped raining.)  I was petting her right when I got there and I felt something matted in her fur on her back.  I looked at it and it kind of looked like a worm.  I was getting grossed out at that point b/c I'd touched it several times.  I turned the overhead kitchen light on and really looked at it... it was a piece of uncooked macaroni.  haha.  I got it out of her fur.... was she saving it for later?  :) Josh actually opened the door for me when I got there.  He's a really nice guy.  I don't usually get to have conversations during my pet sitting visits so that was nice.  He showed me a trick that he and Rosie had been working on and Rosie got a treat out of the deal.  I think she is enjoying having him around!