dog walking with Betty, Suzy and Cleo on Tues 11/11

Betty & Suzy - I only had 2 walks today and there was a bit of a lull in the rain so I went to your house first.  We went around the block and they both did some sniffing and they both peed.  Betty is funny... she likes being toweled off.  She sat down and patiently waited for me to take my coat off before I wiped her feet and tummy.  Our walk lasted about 20 min so I sat inside with them and let Suzy chew on a bone before putting her in her "house." Cleo - Cleo walked outside today, crossed the street and then peed.  She stood there for a few minutes before walking a little bit and then turning back towards the house.  It was raining pretty good.... I'm surprised she stayed out as long as she did.  I toweled her off when we came back in too but not before she shook :(