Dog walking with Brady, Ferguson, Max, Betty & Suzy on Thurs 11/12

Brady and Ferguson certainly didn't mind the rain (it wasn't very hard), wind and cold.  There was someone sweeping outside next door and that had their attention.  After they peed, they both sat down and just watched him.  Gusts of wind would blow but they didn't care. Max was really snoozing when I came in so I sat down beside him and just pet him for awhile.  He was nice and cozy and I think he enjoyed it.  We went outside and he peed and sniffed a little bit.  It wasn't really raining while we were outside.... we got lucky.

Betty and Suzy were excited to see me and they enjoyed their walk around the block.  I am ready for the weather to dry up so I can get some decent traction and be able to keep up with them (or keep up with Betty I should say.)  With all of the rain and the leaves on the road, it's been a bit slippery.  They both peed several times but Suzy still didn't poop.