Dog walking with Brady, Ferguson, Max, Betty & Suzy on Fri 11/13

Brady & Ferguson - I was glad to be able to get the boys out and walk!  It had stopped raining finally!  We walked around the circle and the highlight for them was finding a golf ball.  They were pretty funny chasing it as it rolled on the street and then trying to take it from each other. Max - Max woke up right away and we went outside.  He stood in the doorway for a minute before going outside as if he were trying to decide if he really wanted to go out!  He did and he peed.

Betty & Suzy - I was finally able to get them out and really walk them.  Bless Suzys heart, I think she gets tired much easier than Betty.  My goal was to wear Betty out and I think we did pretty good... I am sure that Suzy took a nice nap after I left!