Dog walking with Puddin

Heres Puddin lookin all cute!! She did have a mess in her crate this morning.  It was confined to 2 spots and she seemed to be fairly clean herself.  (She is still acting just fine!)  I put some towels down on the floor before I let her out just in case she did have it on her and then I took her outside.  She peed and pooped and it was really soft.  I took her back inside and she played while I cleaned up her crate.  If found some trash bags under the sink so I used those.  Since I was going to be there for awhile, I threw her dirty stuff in the washer and then dried them.  They were smelly so it was either that or put them outside so the whole house didn't stink.  :)

I took her for a walk around 7am and she didn't pee or poop then.  I hung out with her until 8am and when I opened the crate, she walked right in and laid down.  I think she was ready for a nap.  She might not have slept all that well last night in her surroundings.  Although when she was out of the crate she was playing with a lot of energy!