Thanksgiving Day 2009 Dog and Cat Sitting

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope you're celebrating with family and friends.   I most likely will not update my blog again today between my own Thanksgiving celebration and my pet sitting visits throughout the rest of the day.  Please be assured that I am seeing your furry friends per the schedule we discussed.  Safe travels! Gaylord & Finnegan - Gaylord cried when I came in (per usual!) and I let them outside.  They both took care of their business.

Sweetie - Sweetie wanted my attention more than she wanted to go out and pee.  She did go out and she came in a knibbled a little bit on her breakfast.

Allie & Tilly - Allie did her little dance again.  I took her IF collar off of her and put her leash on... she was all excited.  When we got to the driveway though she stopped.  She acted as if she didn't want to go any further.  She actually did the same thing last night.  So, we hung out in the yard instead.  Tilly just wanted to be rubbed on!

Allie went outside and rolled around on her back in the grass.  Silly girl!

Tilly is bigger than when I saw her last time but she is still little!

Bear & Tiger - there was a lot less barking when I came in today.  I took a little different tactic... I didn't talk to them.  I put their food and water dishes outside, opened the door to outside and let them out of their crate.  I disappeared.  They went outside and Bear peed a punch of times.  Tiger barked a lot while he was outside but he took care of his business too.  They didn't go near their food dishes though.  I actually sat in the chair in your bedroom and watched them (without them seeing me!!)  I got them back inside.  Less drama and less stress for them... I think not talking to them helped.

Amy & Romeo - they are so funny.  Romeo was rubbing up against Amy.... I wish I could've gotten a  picture of them but I'm not that good of a photographer.  They're both doing well!

I love Amys ears!

Romeo is a little guy but he sure does have a good appetite!

Jay & Chloe - Chloe jumped up on the counter and rubbed all over my bag (my dogs were really sniffing it when I got home!)  Jay and I played ball in the yard for awhile (I think she needs a bigger "paw" towel :)  She is so sweet though to sit down immediately and let me wipe them off but it is pretty muddy after our 2 ventures outside this morning!  She peed and pooped while she was outside.

Jay loves her tennis ball!

Chloe jumped up so she could get in my face!

Buzz - Buzz met me at the door and acted as if he was starving!  He was eating when I left.

Buzz was happy when I fed him!