Wed 11/25 dog and cat sitting

Gaylord & Finny - I was over to see them early!  Don forgot to turn his alarm clock off and it went off before 5am.  They're doing just fine!  I walked them before lunch and went back at dinner and now again tonight. Amy & Romeo - I fed them both this morning and cleaned out Romeo's box.  It rained a little overnight so I told them to wipe their paws off before they come in the house :)  2nd visit:  I walked Amy around the block, played with Romeo, and fed them their dinner.  I grabbed your neighbors mail too.

Betty & Suzy - They were good girls this afternoon on their walk!

Allie & Tilly - Allie did her little dance for me again.  She makes me laugh... she is a big girl to be jumping around like that!

Bear & Tiger - same result as last time.  They were really scared and Tiger barked up a storm at me.  They did both go outside but they didnt touch their dinner.  I tried to lure them with treats and I tossed them at Tiger and Bear but Tiger was the only one that ate them.  I fed the fish too.

Jay & Chloe - Jay was ready to go outside and Chloe just wanted my attention.  I gave her a little more food (there was some still in her bowl) and I gave her a few treats too.  I gave Jay one of his treats when he came in from outside too.

Sweetie - Sweetie did a little dance for me tonight too (just like Allie, the black lab above did!)  She went outside and still wanted me just to pet her but then she did go and pee.