Cat and dog sitting and dog walking on Fri 12/11

Today is going to be a busy one :)  Be sure to scroll down through the post to find your pet. Max is coming over to me to get some attention too!

I managed to capture a picture of Riley when he was stationary... although he didnt stay like this for very long!

Sam, Riley & Max - Max greeted me again today at the door.  He even meowed at me.  He still had plenty of food (although I did give him a few treats) and I cleaned out his box.  Sam & Riley are still passing the piece of the bone that is left between them.  I took the picture of Riley while Sam had the bone and was laying on his bed.  2nd visit:  I was in the area so I stopped by at lunch time.  I'm glad I did.  Both dogs pooped and they're still caring around that chunk of bone :)

Daisy, Ollie and Hadley - they were all doing just fine.  Ollie couldn't find his ball..... he was definitely searching for it.  I left them in the house.  It was 32 degrees outside.  2nd visit:  they all went outside and peed.  Hadley was eating grass and Ollie still couldn't find a ball :(  I will go feed them shortly and I probably won't post a note afterwards.

Annabelle, Amos, Eenie, Brutus and Maxine - all the kitties were present and accounted for this morning.  Annabelle did go over to the sliding glass door and look at me as if she wanted me to open it but I didn't.  I'm sure she would've been fine to be outside but it was cold so I didn't let her out.  The toy with the feather on the end is broken.  I found it in 2 separate pieces... I tried to fix it but I am not mecanically inclined so I wasn't successful.  They're all doing just fine!

Maggie - Maggie wanted to bring her own Christmas tree home today.  She was walking along and picked a branch from a pine tree and carried it.  She was pretty funny!

Sweet Pea has some funny expressions.  She is really cute!

Magnus is very patiently waiting for a treat.

Sweet Pea and Magnus - Magnus was very excited to see me and Sweet Pea barked.  I took them both for a walk and everyone took care of all of their business.

Max - Max woke right up when I went in today.  We went outside and he peed.

Betty & Suzy - One of the neighbor's dogs was out running around.  It was a small long haired chihuahua and it came walking towards us.  I turned the dogs around.... I just figured that'd be easier :)

Dusty - Dusty pranced around as usual.  He is so funny though... once we get close to the house he speeds up.  I think he knows it is dinner time!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC