Dog sitting, cat sitting and dog walking on Tuesday 12/29

Brrrr it is cold.  I should've asked Santa for some ear muffs!!!  I could've used them today! I was sitting at the table reading while Turkey Lurkey ate.  When she was done, she came over and laid down beside me.

Turkey Lurkey - Turkey Lurkey was upstairs again and started meowing as soon as I came in.  Everything is just fine but I know you are missed!

Hadley, Ollie & Daisy - Ollie slept in the room with me last night and jumped up on the bed with me around 4am.  Hadley and Daisy slept downstairs.  They were all excited to go outside this morning but Daisy and Ollie were ready to come back in pretty fast so they could eat their breakfast!

Kai and Gracie - They were excited to see me this morning.  I think Kai has figured it out that I give them a treat when we go back in the house b/c after he pees & poops, he goes and stands at the back door!

Max and Genny - Max didn't care about going outside this morning right when I got there, he wanted to eat!  After he ate, he went outside.

Basil - Basil was really talking to me this morning.  I pet him and brushed him and then gave him more food and cleaned out his box.

Rilly, Mr Lucky Meow and Oh No - They all seem to be doing really good.  Oh No and Mr Lucky Meow were really affectionate again this morning and Rilly was downstairs with the boys while I was getting breakfast ready.

Brady & Ferguson- the boys were happy to be outside.  I'm amazed that they don't seem to mind the cold at all.  They were happy rolling around in the grass.

Max - Max was awake when I came in and got up pretty quickly to go outside.  It was a short trip outside though... he was cold (well, I was cold too!!)