Pet sitting on Monday 12/28

Wildman Kai at a rather serene moment :) Gracie is a sweet sweet girl!

Kai & Gracie - They both sit (Kai sometimes not so patiently) while I put their leashes on them before we go outside.  They both take care of their business right away and then do some sniffing in the yard.

Max and Genny - They barked again today as I came in and then they were ready to go outside.  Genny ate just a little bit this morning and I put them in their crates before I left.  2nd visit:  I grabbed lunch and ate it at your house while the dogs stayed outside.  Genny was really content to just be outside (I thought it was cold!!)

Basil - I brushed Basil for a long time this morning and he loved it!

Mr Lucky Meow, Rilly and Oh No - they all came into the kitchen today while I prepared breakfast and then they all came upstairs while I cleaned out their boxes.  2nd visit:  they've all been fed their dinner and Oh No was really affectionate this visit!

Hadley, Ollie and Daisy - Hadley's paws were a mess.... the towel I used is now a mess :)  I think he must try digging to China while he is outside!  They've all had their dinner so they're happy!