Dog and Cat Sitting on Sunday 12/27

Kai & Gracie - They were both happy to see me this morning and they went outside and both peed right away.  2nd and 3rd visits:  they definitely like having company.  Gracie ate a little bit while I was there today and Kai just wanted to play! Sweetie - Sweetie had carried one of your shoes onto her bed but it didn't look like she chewed on it or anything.  I think she misses you.

Jay & Chloe - I threw the ball a couple of times for Jay and she peed and pooped.  I fed them both too.

Max and Genny - They both barked as I walked up this morning.  They went outside a few times and Genny ate about 1/2 of her breakfast while I was there.

Allie & Tilly - Allie and I played outside a little bit (although it was cold so we didn't play too much) and she wanted to roll around in the grass.  It seems like she has had a bath somewhat recently so I didn't think rolling around was such a good idea.  She still isn't eating her dog food....  Tilly was just fine and is eating all of the food that I've been leaving for her.

Basil - he was really purring today.  I had to brush him b/c everytime I tried to pet him, I'd shock him.  He didn't seem to mind it at all but I thought brushing would be better :)

Mr Lucky Meow, Rilly and Oh No - They all greeted me in the kitchen.  They'd not eaten all of their food from last night so I pitched what was left and gave them fresh food.  Rilly was eating when I left.  :)

Grace, Sugar & Max - well.... today's theme has been shoes.  I texted you re: 4 shoes of yours that became chew toys last night.  I put the shoes up and put several that were still in your closet and not harmed in the linen closet in your bathroom.  Not good for the shoes but the dogs all seemed fine.  Sugar & Grace both ate and Max wanted to eat Sugar's food but I didn't let him.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC