Dog walking and dog & cat sitting on Sat 12/26

All the doggies and kitties that I'm caring for were doing just great this morning and I even managed to get in one day after Christmas shopping spree!  I love Ace Hardware at the Park Road Shopping Center!  Here is the latest with everyone: Sweetie - She was very happy last night during my last visit and this morning, it'd stopped raining!!  She peed and pooped this morning and she was eating her breakfast when I left.  I'm on my way to see her shortly to go for a walk.  Midday visit: we had a nice walk.  When it rains like it did yesterday, it makes me realize that I really don't mind the cold!  3rd visit - she went outside and peed and then was ready to go back in the house.  I gave her a treat :)

Max & Genny - They've been doing just great.  The rain certainly didn't bother them (but I am glad it stopped!)  Genny munched on her breakfast a little bit this morning while I was there but then she was ready to go back outside again so she and Max went running out the backdoor when I opened it.  I've been doing my early morning visit fairly early and they've been really good about not barking too much :)

Allie & Tilly - I love love love Allie's dance that she does.  She is so funny when she does it.  We went outside and played with the football some this morning.  Bless Tilly's heart though, she just sits at the door and stares at us.  She wants to come out too!

Basil - Basil had eaten all of his food yesterday and he'd been playing too.  Several of the toys were in different places.... I'm glad he is entertaining himself!

Mr Lucky Meow, Rilly and Oh No - They all gathered in the kitchen this morning while I got their breakfast ready.  Everybody got a piece of turkey too while Rilly ate her medicine.  They've been eating well!  Most mornings their food bowls are pretty empty.

Jay & Chloe - I threw the ball for Chloe and she chased and then I threw it again and again and again :)  I know she'd keep going for as long as I'd throw it.  Chloe was out of food so I gave her some more and pushed the chair over it so Jay can't get to it.

Kai and Gracie - They were both very glad to see me.  We went outside and both of them peed and pooped and then Kai headed for the house.  I opened the Beggin' Strips and they were both patiently "sitting" waiting for me to give them each one.