Pet sitting on Christmas Day 2009

Sweetie - Sweetie reluctantly did go outside but she didn't like the rain.  She did have a little accident overnight... there was a small pee puddle on the floor.  Bless her heart, she was looking at me with those sad eyes as I cleaned it up.  I told her it was okay :) Max & Genny - They don't seem to mind the rain at all.... at least Genny doesn't.  She went out a couple of times and Max went out twice (before he ate and after!)

Allie & Tilly - Allie didn't seem to mind the rain either but she wanted me to out with her.  I did in the backyard and then she started to roll around on her back in the grass (i.e. the mud!)  I called for her and we went in the house and I toweled her off!  Silly, silly girl.  Tilly is doing fine too.  I played with her some this morning.

Basil - Basil was talking to me this morning, perhaps wishing me a Merry Christmas!

Mr Lucky Meow, Oh No and Rilly - all 3 kitties were in the kitchen together this morning.  I fed them, cleaned out their boxes and gave Rilly her medicine.

Punkin - Punkin was doing just fine this morning.  He'd eaten most of his food so I refilled his bowl, topped off his water and hit the switch to clean his box.  I love that by the way!!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC