Dog and Cat Sitting on Christmas Eve 2009

Max and Genny - They were barking as I walked up today.  They went inside and out a couple of times while I was there and Genny didn't bark too much :)  She ate about 1/2 of her breakfast while I was there too.  2nd and 3d visits:  they're great.  Genny finished her dinner tonight and they both went back outside a couple of times.  Max thought I smelled good :) Tilly is coming over to me so I can pet her

Allie is being camera shy

Allie & Tilly - Allie and I played outside with the football a little bit this morning.  Tilly sat at the backdoor wanting to come out with us!  Midday and evening visits:  Tilly is happy... she has a full tummy.  Allie is as sweet as ever!

Basil - He got brushed and brushed and brushed today.  He just loves it.  That kind of looks like him in the picture below.... :)

Oh No has been really affectionate!

Rilly was downstairs when I came in last night.  She stayed down with both of the boys while I got dinner ready and gave her her medicine.

Mr Lucky Meow, Oh No and Rilly - They were all up in your room this morning.  I cleaned out their food bowls and refilled them and gave Rilly her medicine.  They really seem to like using the litter box in the spare bedroom.... it is definitely the one they're using the most!  They all seem to be doing just fine.  2nd visit: Rilly was downstairs again and the boys were upstairs.  Rilly took her medicine... no problem.  :)

Grace, Sugar and Max - Grace greeted me at the door today.  She wasn't nearly as timid as she'd been on previous visits.  Max was asleep on the chair (as I later discovered on the heating pad!)  I couldn't find Sugar at first... I'm thinking she was alseep in your closet... maybe??  Both Sugar and "the horse" ate all of their dinner!

Sweetie - I think Sweetie misses you.  She went outside and peed right away and then she really liked it when I sat down to pet her.  I even got a couple of kisses.  Merry Christmas from Sweetie to me :)