Dog walking and Cat Sitting on Wed 12/23

Max & Genny - I think they really like sleeping in your bedroom at night.... or at least I think that is where they sleep.  Max's bed was laying in the doorway between the kitchen and dining room.  I'm not really sure why it wasn't in the kitchen!  They are both doing just great!!  2nd visit:  They both went outside a couple of times but then they came in.  Genny ate a little bit while I was there.  3rd visit:  Genny finished her bowl of food while I was there tonight.  Max went in and out a couple of times while she ate and then she went back out again too. Basil - I brushed Basil this morning and he just rolled from side to side.  When I stopped, he let me know that he wanted me to keep going!  He starting meowing.  He's eating well too.

Rilly, Mr Lucky Meow and Oh No - They were all doing just fine this morning.  I gave Rilly her medicine and you are right, she sure does love turkey.  (and so do the boys!)  The food that I'd left for her in the bedroom last night was gone so hopefully she ate that (and not the boys!)  I did sneak back in to peek at her this morning right before I left and she was eating :)  2nd visit:  Rilly was downstairs when I came in and she stayed around so I could give her the medicine.  She ate it right up!  And the boys tried to sneak in so I had to give them a little turkey too!  The 2 bowls downstairs still had a bit of food in them but the one upstairs was eaten.  I remember last time they tended to eat more at night so we shall see in that holds true this time too!

Maggie - Maggie got to see Zoe this morning and she had a lot of fun!

Max - Max was sleeping pretty hard when I came in today.  He did wake up and he went outside and took care of his business.

Punkin - Punkin greeted me at the door today.  I pet him and then grabbed his brush.  He really does like it but when he pawed at the brush a couple of times, I figured it was time to stop.  I refilled his food dish and topped of his water too.

Allie & Tilly - Allie did her little dance for me again tonight.  She is so funny, I swear she can always make me smile.  She went outside and rolled around on her back in the grass.  It was dark and she was hard to see but I could tell that is what she was doing.  Tilly REALLY wanted to be outside with us too!