Dog and Cat Sitting on Tues 12/22

Max and Genny - I did let them have the run of the house last night and they seemed to like that.  I didn't have any problems this morning with anyone trying to escape out the front door as I was coming in :)  Genny had eaten all of her food and neither one of them seemed to mind the cold this morning.  I on the other hand sat at the table with my coffee and read the paper!  2nd visit:  Genny and Max enjoyed the sunshine this afternoon while I ate my lunch.  (I ran through the Chick-fil-a drive through on the way to your house!)  Genny has really liked being outside... she just sits out there, alert.  I think she is on squirrel watch! Basil - He was really talking this morning.  I rubbed on him and we played with the string again.

Maggie - She got to see one of her most favorite neighbors this afternoon.  I think it made her day!

Max - Max was awake when I came in today.  You had a box and a gift at your front door so maybe he heard me bringing that stuff in b/c by the time I went in to see him, he was awake!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC