Dog walking, cat sitting and dog sitting on Mon 12/21

More evidence as to why Ryan was woken up this morning..... Genny and Max played some in the yard too.  I am laughing as I look at this!! Max and Genny were just great this morning.  I love seeing them again.  Although we woke your nephew up..... of course there were a couple of squirrels in the yard so they had to do some barking!  I brought a book so I sat and read a little bit so Genny would eat.  I crated them before I left too.  2nd visit:  I think they were ready to get out of the crate.  Genny just stretched when she came out.  It was nice outside so we spend some time outdoors.  Just an fyi - I am probably not going to update the blog after each visit.... I might just do it once / day, particularly when I get busier!

Basil is playing with the string.

Basil - We played with the green string for a long time today.  I sat in the chair, had the green string in one hand and my coffee in the other so we were both happy.

Maggie - She enjoyed doing a lot of sniffing on the walk today.  She was really curious about the workers in the area.... she stared at them for a long time.  She got to see a neighbor's dog so she liked that too!

Brady & Ferguson - I really let the boys play today.... since they're going to the groomer's tomorrow :)  They had fun rolling around in the grass and jumping on each other.

Max - Max was snoozing on his bed when I came in but he woke up and we went outside.

Punkin likes playing with his purple toy.

Punkin - I made a friend today.  He loves to be brushed so I did (and wow, he is really shedding too!)  I tried to capture all of his hair and throw it away.  I cleaned his box (ha, I pushed the button on it!!), fed him and I added a little water to his feeder.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC