Dog walking on Mon 12/14

Maggie - She was full of energy this morning.  She tried running and then she wanted to eat pretty much anything she could find.  She was funny.  She was most interested in sniffing me on our afternoon walk! Brady and Ferguson or Ferguson and Brady... I dont know which is which in this picture!

Brady & Ferguson - We walked around the circle and one of the guys working stopped to say hello to them... twice.  I think it made their day.

Max - Max went outside and peed and then was ready to come back inside.  He curled up on his bed as soon as he came in.

Her name is Cleo.  I call her Miss Cleo.

Cleo - Cleo wanted to take a long walk today.  I'd say it was one of our longest ever.  I think she really enjoys this cooler weather.  She was really funny in the house too.  She went over and pounced on her bone and then marched upstairs with it.  She likes her tennis ball too!

Dusty - We walked around the circle today and Dusty did a lot of sniffing.  He even started to walk up the stairs to somone's house... not his!  I think he was just being social.