Dog walking on Tues 12/15

Maggie - Maggie had a great time on both of her walks today.  This afternoon she got to greet the neighborhood kids after they got off the school bus.  Several of them came over and said hello to her. Her dad calls her Poo.

Lucy - Lucy walked really well this morning.  She pulled on the leash a little bit at first but then we settled into a nice pace and she walked right by my side.  She is funny though.... I swear she understands when we turn around and head back towards your house.  She always speeds up!

Brady & Ferguson - I know you mentioned they were going to get groomed soon.  After today's visit, they might need it a little more.  Rain, mud, new mulch and white dogs don't necessarily go together.  Both dogs had to roll around on their backs in the grass.  Ferguson even rolled down the grassy slope.  Crazy puppies!

Max (age 17) loves to curl up on his bed.

Max - Max was snoozing good again today.  I always get a little jealous when I see him sleeping so good.  He stretched a couple of times and then he got up to go outside.

Cleo - She had me laughing today.  I rarely hear her bark and today when she step outside she stopped and I hear "woof..... woof."  Not real loud but a definite "woof."  I look and she is staring at the 3 penguin Christmas decorations across the street.  So, we went over to check them out.   She is standing in the middle of the street and she did the same thing.... "woof,   gggrrrrr woof."  She was hilarious... I was laughing (and your neighbors probably think I am nuts!)  :)