Cat Sitting and Dog Walking on Sunday 1/10/10

Madison & Murphy - ahhh.... I wish I would've had my camera.  They were playing with each other and it was pretty funny.  Murphy was laying on his side and Madison was sitting just with "paws reach" of him and they'd box with each other.  I was laughing.  I pet them both (what is it with tan/yellow colored pets shedding this time of year??)  Our yellow lab Sam is really shedding and Murphy is too!  Murphy got the full body massage and Murphy seemed to like having the side of his face rubbed.  They're doing just fine! Hero - Even though he is a little guy (smaller than the 2 cats I saw today :) ) he really doesn't mind the cold too much.  I don't think he'd want to be an outside dog by any means but he does enjoy running around and sniffing!  I just let him go where he wants to and let him head towards the house when he is ready.